EL BASILISCO CHILOTE is a half-snake half-rooster creature born from an egg attributed to a hen that sings like a rooster.

A Machi or witch doctor can avoid the birth of this being through some special rituals and by burning the egg, but when it is not discovered, it becomes an earthworm that grows under the houses until it is a snake with the head of a rooster. From there, it infiltrates the houses to suck the te- nants’ saliva and dry them up until they die.

The only way to end with its life is to light the house on fire.

El Trauco

Is a mythical goblin that lives in the woods of Chiloé. He is said to have a powerful magnetism which attracts young women...

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La Pincoya

La Pincoya is the Chilean version of a mermaid. It is believed that when she sings she seduces the fishermen who end up following her...

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