logo texto is the story of Jaime; a 14-year-old skeptical young man who one day discovers that everything he knows about his father is a lie. Together with Violeta, they thrust themselves into a journey to find out the truth. The film revolves around the abundant local mythology from Chiloé, an island in the south of Chile. Jaime has always been bullied at school for being the ‘son of Trauco’, because no one really knows for sure who his father was. On the other hand, Violeta swears she is the daughter of La Pincoya. And her stepdad, Alejo, is a mythomaniac who has a tattoo on his left shoulder of El Basilisco Chilote.

This is the story about the adventures of a boy to discover the truth about his father, his past, and about himself.

Local Mythology

¡Read about Chiloe's mythology!

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